I endeavour to create each sculpture as "1 of 1" , a unique piece of art that captures the spirit and movement of the subject.

Instead of pursuing art, my favourite subject at school, I became a Registered Nurse and worked patient wards for many years.

When I emigrated from the UK to New Zealand over ten years ago with my son Kalon and husband Jason I continued hospital, hospice and community nursing in and around Auckland.

It was when we bought some land in Central Otago I got side tracked with some old chicken wire and made a goat to put on the gate post, that family and friends encouraged me to make more.

What started as a hobby to maybe sell at local markets became very popular, commissions were requested and pieces sold at Eade Gallery.

In October 2018 we bought a small holding near Waimate. I was accepted into the co-operative gallery “Crafted” in Oamaru and to my amazement was asked to exhibit at “Form Gallery” in Christchurch for June 2019. Attending the opening with Jason was a once in a lifetime opportunity. I felt very privileged.

I have kept the first wire characters I made not only for sentimental reasons but to appreciate how the quality of my work has progressed. I spend time researching sizing for scaling.  I study muscle tone, movement, and the individual human, mystical or animal characteristics of what I’m about to make. Each layer of wire is cut and manipulated by hand to achieve the definition that gives it soul and brings it to life.

Yes, my hands get score. Long nails and soft skin are a distant memory. If I’m honest the air does turn blue when blood is drawn, but it’s worth it and soon forgotten when I see the end result.